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Roche Diagnostics University (RDU) is offering a new functionality called MyLab to current Roche Customers. This function will allow the lab directors the ability to assign courses from RDU to their employees in order to easily track and manage their training history. MyLab is a pilot program. By submitting this form it is not an indication that this program will be offered indefinitely. Roche may terminate this offering to you at Roche's discretion with thirty (30) days written notice to Customer.*

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If you don't know your account number, please contact your Roche Account Manager, Customer Service (1-800-428-5076) or institution contact to obtain your account number.

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Benchmark ULTRA
cobas® 4800 System
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cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series (c 702, c 502, and/or e 602)
cobas® 8100 automated workflow series
Roche Middleware / IT Solutions
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